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An equidistant line is a line that at any given point is the same distance to the points that defines it. In 2 dimensions it is equivalent to the bisector of the two points. In 3 dimensions it is defined for 3 points (2 points would give a bisector plane).


equidistant_line(x, y, z = NULL)


x, y, z

Vector of points. If z is given they must be in 3D, otherwise in 2D


A vector of lines

See also

Other Locations: barycenter(), bisector(), centroid(), circumcenter(), point(), radical(), weighted_point()


  point(3, 7, 2),
  point(6, -4, 9),
  point(2, 1, -5)
#> <3D lines [1]>
#> [1] <x:3.98, y:-0.679, z:2.3, dx:119, dy:14, dz:-29>

# In 2D you get the bisector
equidistant_line(point(2, 5), point(3, 2)) == bisector(point(2, 5), point(3, 2))
#> [1] TRUE